Sunday, January 11, 2009


Commitment. It's almost a "bad word" in our society. Before I get too far into this, this is not going to be a rant about "committing to church". However, that is a thought that is constantly on my mind. How do you help people commit? Why do they not commit? It's my observation that the things that we commit to are the things that we get the most out of. For some it is career, for some sports, for some a hobby, for some a talent. As we commit we find ourselves growing and getting better or more successful in that area. This success seems to breed more commitment. Our self-esteem rises as we see ourselves growing and getting better in an area. So, back to the question that is on my mind. Why not commit to church? I know the immediate answer by the holy roller types is: We don't commit to church, we commit to Christ. Yeah, I know. Don't you hate having a conversation with a "spiritual know it all" like that. I know we start with a commitment to Christ. I know that includes spending time in the Word and prayer. I know it is a commitment to spiritual disciplines. That is not what I'm talking about.

As I type these words, my thoughts are circling. This is not a well planned out and researched subject. I am typing as I think it through.

A thought that pops in my mind is that making spiritual commitments (such as doing the spiritual disciplines or even church attendance) does not have the immediate response that other commitments do.

The Bible says that, "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." When we make spiritual commitments, we are committing to the unknown, the unseen. Spiritual growth is not quite as obvious as perfecting a talent, or getting more efficient in our careers. However, a commitment to spiritual matters has much more of a return, actually it is the only thing with an eternal return.

So, the question is still there for me: How do you get people to make spiritual commitments? The only way I can answer at this point is: It has to be a work of God in a person's heart. The Holy Spirit has to do the prompting, the "drawing". My role is to encourage and even challenge people to make commitments. But, ultimately it is a role of the Holy Spirit and a personal choice that each person must make.

Lord help me as I challenge others to commit to You. I pray for a movement of Your Holy Spirit in the church. Not just The Dwelling Place, but all of "Your church". God, I pray that a new level of commitment to You and Your church will rise up.


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