Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The State of the Church

I just started my role as pastor this past Sunday. Though I've been in the ministry for years as a worship leader and youth pastor, this is my first experience as "the pastor". Sure, I've preached before, and I've led before, but not the "whole" church. I have an excitement to lead, but also a good dose of fear. Yeah, I know, God is in control, "just give it to Him." Faith is not the issue. I do believe He is in control. My fear is that I will not lead appropriately. My fear is that I will not teach authentically. My fear is that I will become too absorbed with growing the church, that I do not preach the truth. I guess having these thoughts and fears are helping me stay in check.

Now, there is much to be done. I serve at The Dwelling Place Community Church, which is presently running about 70 in attendance. We are a 3 year old congregation. We are in an area that has so many unchurched people. How can we reach them? How can we make a difference? I long to see a movement from God. I'm praying for it. God move in my life, and move in our people. Draw them closer to You. Help us reach our community.


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