Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Entertainment Itch

The "entertainment itch". It's a disease infecting most Americans. Even as I type this, I have a football game on screaming in my left ear. I even stop typing from time to time to check out what is going on. My life is always filled with noise, or lights, or excitement. A classic "good TV show" is the famous "Little House on the Prarie." While the show was good and well written, it is the lifestyle of those living in that era that intrigues me. I mean, how did people function without TV's, Ipods, Cell phones, video games, movies, Blackberrys, computers, and on and on. How did they function? What did they do to occupy their time? Were people truly happy back in this time era? Obviously, I think they likely were. Maybe they even had it easier. With so little competition, things like family, friends, and conversation were essential. I know they had reading as a source of entertainment, which in a way is a lost thing in our society. Oh sure, we read, but it is more in the form of small pieces of information in blogs, articles, and such. Today, we are addicted to our "entertainment itch". The tough thing about this one is that it is not diagnosed. It is not seen as an issue. Sure, if someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is obvious and it destroys. But, what about the one that is addicted to the "entertainment itch". Is it not just as addicting? Does it not tear us away from deeper relationships and meaningful conversations? I know, I know, you may be thinking, "this is the world we live in", and Jesus said, "in the world, not of the world". Before you see me as an extremist that is ready to smash all of my televisions in the front yard and burn all of my mp3's (that's a reference to the old record burnings - those from the 80's may remember), I'm not saying that is the solution. I'll still have a television. I'll likely get a new cell phone (Blackberry) soon. I am a gadget freak. What I am proposing, however, is that we all take an honest look at our "entertainment itch". Quit scratching it, and it might just go away. Less time entertaining self, and more time developing self and others will go a long way.


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