Tuesday, January 13, 2009

View From Above

I got an opportunity today to see Panama City and Panama City Beach from a whole new perspective. I went up in a plane today and saw "all" of the city at one time. From up there it seems so small. The trees look like carpet. There is so much undeveloped land (hard to see from the ground). Yet, on the ground everything is busy. People are rushing, streets are crowded. There are people everywhere. It's kind of an odd feeling to be in a small plane high above all of the busyness. Up there the only sound is the rumble of the engine. Everything is otherwise, peaceful. Down below, in the midst of all of the action, there are so many people with so many challenges. Down below me today were marriages that are hurting. There are addicts trying to kick their habits. There are many worried about finances and the next meal. There are those in abusive situations. There are pains and difficulties that are too numerous too even know. But, up where I was, it was just peaceful.

While we go through different situations and challenges here on earth, it seems that our situation is the only thing in the world. It seems as though it is the only thing going on. The weight of the world is on us. But, when we can look at things from a different perspective. When we can see things "from above", we gain a new understanding. Above all of the "junk" of life is that "peace that passes our understanding".

I have many things that bring me down from time to time. Thoughts on my mind, worries on my heart. I hope to keep my new perspective in mind as I approach future challenges.

God I pray for Panama City and Panama City Beach. We need a Holy Spirit movement. There are so many that need to know You. God work through me and work through The Dwelling Place Church to reach more. I long to see a movement of God.


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